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Ministry is at the very heart of our faith. We believe that God calls all to ministry, and ordains us to it through our Baptism. Here are some of the many ministries that we are called to at St. Mark's.

Integrity/Believe Out Loud
We are an Integrity BOL congregation welcoming all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTQIA) persons to join us in worship and community.
"All are welcome at God's table."
AA meets at St. Mark's
Mondays @7:30 pm
Thursdays @7:30 pm
In the Parish Hall
Pastoral Care
When people are not able to attend worship and other functions in the parish, our Pastoral Care Ministry helps keep their connection vital. We provide phone calls, visits, and cards to those not able to leave their homes. We take Holy Communion to those who wish to receive the Sacrament and keep them informed about activities and how other members are faring. 
Our priest also participates in providing this important care to members of our community.
Bereavement Support
Our Bereavement Support Group meets on the first Thursday of each month at 2 pm in the Knapp Room. We invite any person who is experiencing a significant loss to join us. Each session provides opportunities for sharing, information on grieving and support from others who have experienced loss. 
Believing that all we have is a gift from God is central to our faith journey at St. Mark's. To that end, our Stewardship Committee helps remind us of the need to offer thanks to God, and to give back to God a portion of our time, our energies, and our resources. We prefer to be honest about the fact that it takes a great deal of our time, talent and money to keep our ministries going.
We also have made a commitment to our environment and have set policies and practices to limit our carbon footprint on the planet.
St. Mark's Terrace


It was the vision and mission of the Rector and Vestry of St. Mark's in 1972 to establish decent, safe housing for low income seniors.


The Rector and other members of the congregation serve on the Governing Board. 

Altar Guild


The Altar Guild is the “arm of the priest” (or perhaps more like the stage crew). Duties include insuring proper liturgical colors for all vestments and hangings on the pulpit and lectern, preparing the Communion vessels for all services and for the shut-in visitation kits, setting up the altar, and laundering and ironing all linens. There are also special tasks associated with holidays, baptisms, weddings, funerals, and memorial services.


At St. Mark’s, members work on teams, each team serving for two week periods, setting up on Saturday and cleaning up on Sunday.

Lay Liturgical Ministry


The Lay Liturgical Ministry includes all the people who serve in the altar party each week to make the celebration of the Lord's Supper a meaningful experience for the entire parish.


The group consists of Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, Readers, Crucifers and more.



The Comumbarium at St. Mark's is installed in the chapel. In early Christian times, preferred burial space was located within the church itself. When space inside the church was no longer available, the churchyard cemetery was developed. The earlier tradition provides a way that family members can pay their respects to the departed in their weekly pattern of prayer and worship.


Anyone can purchase a niche in St. Mark's comumbarium. Everyone who purchases one is given a certificate ducumenting the location of their niche. Perpetrual care is assured by the policies adopted and administered by the Vestry of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and a portion of the initial fee is set aside for this purpose.


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Purls Knitting Ministry


Our knitting ministry meets every 4th Tuesday for lunch at Milly's Pantry. Following lunch, we meet at the church to knit prayer shawls for those who are sick, homebound or in crisis.

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