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The Columbarium


From earliest times, people have been concerned about their final earthly resting place, especially that it be near the gathering place of their families so that each may be held in lasting, loving remembrance.


In early Christian times, preferred burial space was within the church itself where the faithful gathered for a memorial service. When space in the church was no longer available, the churchyard cemetery was developed. Only in recent times have burial grounds, removed from the centers of life and prayer, been used.


More recently, consideration of the spiritual and the practical aspects of cremation and inurnment in the church has led to a revival of this tradition. The columbarium at St.Mark's is located in a small meditation chapel off the sanctuary. The columbarium is open during all services and regular weekly office hours. In addition, visits can be arranged by appointment.

Rules of Interment

Per Niche    .....................................  $ 750.00


Click here for a copy of the Statement of Intent to Purchase Columbarium Niches.

Per Niche   .....................................  $1000.00


Applications for niches by non-members will be approved by the columbarium committee.


Click here for a copy of the Statement of Intent to Purchase Columbarium Niches.

Governing Policies


  • The Columbarium is governed in accordance with the laws of the state of New York and the Canons of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

  • The purchaser of a Certificate acquires no property rights in the columbarium or its niches and agrees that said areas are at all times under the sole jurisdiction and control of St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

  • The purchaser may assign the Certificate to another person only with the approval of the Vestry of St. Mark's Church.

  • All arrangements for interment will be under the direction of the Rector.

  • The Rector is available to offer services at the interment, given proper notice.

  • The Rector performs  ceremonies congruent with the liturgical  resources of the Episcopal Church. The Rector with the Bishop's permission, may invite guest clergy to use other rites, and/or co-offiate with the Rector.

  • Only human cremans will be interred, one individual per niche.

  • Columbarium Chapel flowers will be allowed on the day of internment only. No other adornment is allowed.

  • The name plates will be inscribed in a similar manner and contain the name and year of birth and death of the deceased.

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