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St. Mark's Episcopal Church was founded in 1837. Occasional services began before incorporation around 1826. The first church was built in 1838 at 317 Main Street and the first Rector at that time was the Rev. Edmund Embury. That property was sold and the current church was built in 1879 while the Rev. William Catterson was rector.


Over the years the members of St. Mark's have initiated several projects as part of our ministry:



St. Mark's Terrace


It was the vision and mission of the Rector and Vestry in 1972 to establish decent, safe housing for seniors.



Our People are reMARKable!

St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria                                                                                                    Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, 1504–07

Bishop Provisional
Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane


Our Rector

Rev. Columba Salamony

Our Wardens

Sr. Warden
Jim Corning, '25

Jr. Warden
Jim Henderson, '24

Our Vestry


Class of '24                Kathy Sandberg


Class of '25                Cat Graves


​Class of '26                Laura Hart

                                    Jeannette Frank, Clerk

Our Staff


Felipa Vasquez

Connie Gibson

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